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    EM4812, EM4812

    Picture of E-Sun EM4812

    EM4812 DIY/建筑/工程测量工具 功能简介

    * Used the exclusive Micro-computer LSI circuit and crystal time base to offer high accuracy measurement & fast measuring time.

    * Wide measuring range and high resolution.

    * Digital display gives exact reading with no guessing or errors

    * Both zero value and correction value can be stored. That make operation very convenient.

    * The use of durable, long-lasting components, including a strong, light weight ABS-plastic housing assures maintenance free performance for many years. The housing has been carefully shaped to fit comfortably in either hand

    * Widely used to measure the moisture content of wood fiber materials, wooden articles, Chhinese medicine, tobacco, cotton and paper etc.


    Display: 3 digits, 10mm LCD
    Range: 0 ~ 80%
    Resolution: 0.1%
    Accuracy: ±(1%n+1) under 30%
    ±(2%n+1) over 30%
    Sampling time: 1.0s
    Power supply: 4x1.5AAA battery
    Operating condition:
    Temp. 0~50℃, Humidity<80%
    Size: 218x76x53mm
    Weight: about 260g (including batteries)


    地址:福建省漳州市金峰经济开发区金塘路东方科技工业园 邮编:363000 | 电话0596 2161 618 | 传真:0596 216 1717 | email: