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        Picture of E-Sun EM422

        6 iN 1 TRACKER, EM422 DIY/建筑/工程测量工具 功能简介

        The transmitter is a compact, hand-held instrument designed to generrate a distinct tone in any unenergizd wire or cable. This tone can be piked up with the 6 in 1 Tracker receiver. An LED acts as a visual indicator to show that the unit is on.


        ·Telephone Lines
        ·Coaxial Cables
        ·DC Automotive Wires
        ·Unenergized Electrical Wires
        ·Slim Ergonomic Receiver Receptor
        ·4 in 1 Transmitter
        ·Generates distinct tone usable for wire and cable tracing
        ·Direct connection to RJ-11 and co-axial jacks, automotive fuse sockets, and exposed, unenergized wires.


        地址:福建省漳州市金峰经济开发区金塘路东方科技工业园 邮编:363000 | 电话0596 2161 618 | 传真:0596 216 1717 | email:

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