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        Picture of E-Sun EM419

        CIRCUIT BREAKER FINDER, EM419 DIY/建筑/工程测量工具 功能简介

        电线寻线器    [线路断路器查询仪]




        1. Plug transmitter into a wall outler with the power on.
        2. Check unit as in “Unit Test” section.
        3. Go to circuit breaker panel box and place flat surface of tapered end of receiver at a right angle and directly on circuit breaker or fuse.
        4. Slowly move receiver up and down over the row or rows of circuit breakers or fuses while continually lowering the receiver’s sensitivity by rotating the wheel away from the panel box until only one (1) breaker or fuse causes the receiver to beep.
        (Note: In certain instances an adjacent breaker or fuse may cause a beep due to the routing of the wires in the panel.)
        4. After you have located the right breaker or fuse, you can turn off the circuti and the receiver eill stop beeping.



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