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        Picture of E-Sun EM116

        PORTABLE OSCILLOMETER, EM116 示波器 功能简介

        This unit is a portable oscillometer with the advantages of light weight, small size and the dual-channel color LCD display. It features bandwidth 20MHz, RS232 interface output, waveform and data storage, waveform measurement, frequency measurement , voltage measurement. It is very precise and easy-to- operate. It is a very useful tool in various fields of electronic industry.


        1. Dual-channel color LCD large display
        2. Touch key
        3. Digit bandwidth 20MHz. Bandwidth 25MHz when it cooperates with computer
        4. 8k memory for every channel
        5. Vertical sentivity: 50mV-5Vdiv
        Time base range: 50ns-2s/div
        6. Can store and display 10 groups of waveforms and 10 groups of settings
        7. Voltage, frequency and other measurements available
        8. Built-in FFT frequency meter
        9. Built-in RS232 communication module, 8M flash memory module
        10. Chinese language menu on the display
        11. Power supply: 6V (1.5VX4 battery), external power supply permitted.


        Li Battery(installed)
        AC/DC power Adapter
        Scopemeter Probes
        Multimeter Test leads
        Users Manual

        地址:福建省漳州市金峰经济开发区金塘路东方科技工业园 邮编:363000 | 电话0596 2161 618 | 传真:0596 216 1717 | email:

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